How I Met Your Mother

My dear friend Alison is a huge TV fanatic. More so than me. She’s watched all 121 episodes of Lost multiple times. She introduced me to most of the shows I am now obsessed with, and I firmly believe it was she who solidified my love for all things television. Thank you, Alison.

So of course I had to talk to my bestest TV buddy about the How I Met Your Mother series finale the second I finished watching it.

Alison (who, by the way, is one-half of the incredible Fairly Nerdy Food) has graciously allow me to publish her review of the episode.

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is (and, uh, spoiler alert. duh):

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Hello everyone who still reads/visits this blog. I apologize for not writing any posts since… gosh, since October! I’ve seen about ten movies since then, but it’s difficult to write about them when there’s such little incentive. I need some motivation! Perhaps I will make it my New Year’s resolution to get at least one post out a month…

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